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Global regulatory licence application for one-stop service

The scope of services covers more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.









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Financial licence

DAYUAN TECH is committed to creating the world's most professional international financial regulatory services, providing each platform and institution with the most professional and suitable financial licensing solutions. Whether you are engaged in foreign exchange, futures, digital currency or other financial derivatives ICO business, we can help you obtain international financial regulatory licences. Let you become the world's leading exchanges and market makers, get better trust from customers. Dabo Technology's licence customization service will help you to solve all regulatory and compliance problems, and make you more focused on serving platform customers.

Block chain licence

DAYUAN TECH provides consultation and processing of global digital currency licences. It provides the most perfect digital currency licence solutions for numerous domestic and foreign digital currency traders, block-connected technicians and ICO institutions, so that you can quickly step into the ranks of the world's leading digital currency traders. The global licensing solution of Dabo Science and Technology Professional enables you to break through the low-level market circle and start a new business transaction with professionalism, compliance and self-confidence.

Company registration

DAYUAN TECH provides you with global registration and maintenance services, based in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, providing offshore registration in more than 60 countries and regions. Advantages: sound laws and regulations, high confidentiality, protection of customer information in the process of trade; simple procedures and follow-up management; free operation of foreign exchange without foreign exchange control; reduction and exemption of enterprise tax burden, conducive to international tax planning;

Public accounts

Global National Bank cooperation, such as HSBC, Hang Seng, Star Show, Citigroup, Overseas Chinese Yongheng, etc. Match the bank information and recommend the bank with the highest success rate according to the customer case. Start the VIP channel pre-trial channel, special follow-up. Hong Kong's financial market service standards, open to the world and highly integrated with international trade, also attract famous banks around the world to set up branches or branches in Hong Kong. Maintain strategic cooperation with many banks, stable account opening channels and high success rate. Banks in Hong Kong are strictly regulated by financial management, and the interests of customers are guaranteed. For enterprises and individuals engaged in professional investment or international trade, it is necessary to open a bank account in Hong Kong which can not only satisfy savings, but also facilitate the free transfer of funds.
  • Global Top Financial License Compliance Service
    DAYUAN TECH provides customers with top-notch financial licence compliance services. We insist on providing customers with perfect licence solutions based on practical solutions and in-depth industry experience. We also provide services such as processing, registration and legal compliance for financial licences selected by customers. Over the years, we have successfully applied for more than 270 + traders and market makers, including Australian AFSL, British FCA, Canadian FTR MSB, American NFA, Estonian MTR and other mainstream regulatory authority licences. Whether in the process, qualification audit, problem solving, we can bring our customers with high quality service.
  • Customer-centered service concept
    DAYUAN TECH is committed to helping customers choose the most suitable financial license scheme to solve their problems and obstacles. We have a deep understanding of most financial derivatives and trading products, as well as professional knowledge of the corresponding licences for all products. For each customer, we will deeply understand the attributes of the company's products, the market situation, the size of the company, and provide a complete and independent program to meet the current needs of customers and long-term business prospects.
  • Efficient professional service team
    DAYUAN TECH has been adhering to the slogan of "Professional-oriented, service-oriented", carrying out the spirit of high efficiency and practicality, devoting itself to building an international front-line licence compliance service team, and choosing the most suitable licence marketing concept for you and your platform. Our licensing service has a leading industry sense of smell, and has the ability to solve all kinds of problems on the application licence, insight into the various rules of financial regulators. We are at the top of the industry. We have perfect knowledge, training and resources. We can connect with customers'practical problems in the most complex compliance legal affairs. At the same time, we have deep cooperation with many compliance law firms around the world, which can solve any sudden compliance problems.
  • Flexible solutions and high efficiency
    DAYUAN TECH provides customers with first-class licence application and compliance services in an efficient and highly compatible manner. Rich experience in licensing enables us to better handle the licensing application of multiple financial regulatory authorities, and to complete the licensing application process with high efficiency for customers. We are well aware that licence application cost or compliance cost will be a concern of our customers, so we provide the best and most suitable application program for each customer's needs and conditions.
  • Appropriate and Effective Licensing Scheme
    DAYUAN TECH is a professional licensing company, focusing on meeting the needs of institutional customers for financial regulatory licences. Many traders and market makers who handle financial licences through Dakun have become market leaders. Our licensing experts are well aware of the professionalism and pertinence of different licences and can provide our customers with appropriate and effective licensing solutions. At the same time, we also know how troublesome and complex the licensing process is for traders and marketers. We strive to bring the simplest licensing plan to our customers. 。 Our role is to be a beacon of compliance for traders and market makers to solve complex and troublesome problems in their minds.